Protecting Your Assets

As you get older and more established in your life and career, you take on new, exciting, and expensive responsibilities. Getting married, buying a house, a new car, or having a baby will certainly qualify as life-changing. Protecting your assets and providing for your family in the event of your untimely death can be confusing. We’re […]

Insure Your Income

You all probably have insurance on your auto, insurance on your house, you may even have insurance on your cell phone, but if you’ve spent your hard-earned income on insuring those parts of your life, are you also insuring that one thing that provides you with those items? Are you insuring your Income? Ask anyone […]

3 Reasons Your LLC Needs Small Business Insurance

When you formed your business, you probably decided to make the entity a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) to protect your personal assets. This type of entity will often do that, and it also offers other benefits such as avoiding double taxation of income, which you would be subject to if your company was a C-corporation. […]

Construction material and labor costs still rising

As we’ve mentioned in the past, scarcity of labor in the construction industry over the last several years has been an impediment for some builders, increasing costs and slowing their ability to scale up. Many skilled workers left the industry when jobs vanished after the mortgage crisis and recession. These workers have not returned in […]

Determining the Guaranteed Replacement Value of your Home

“If I could SELL my house for that amount, I’d do it TOMORROW!” – An insured client that shall remain anonymous Many Homeowners confuse Market Value, which is what a home is worth based on comparable homes, school district and location, or Assessed Value which is what your local government bases your property taxes on. […]

10 Risk Factors For Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

  These factors raise red flags for insurers and increase costs for homeowners. People buy insurance to minimize their risk and make themselves whole should a covered loss occur. What many may not understand is that a number of factors can cause premiums to skyrocket before a covered peril even occurs. Adjusters and claims managers handling […]

Changes In Your Household? Tips For Updating Your Insurance

(BPT) – The American household is changing. The typical single-family home has evolved in the 21st century. Today, it’s not uncommon for older parents to move in with their grown children, and with the combined rise in housing costs and debt from college loans, more college graduates are moving home with their parents. In fact, 47 […]